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Shades are an attractive compliment to our antler chandeliers.
White Tail Deer Chandeliers
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Our Price: $36.00
Elk Chandeliers
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Fallow Deer Chandeliers
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Our Price: $22.00


Antler Lighting Warehouse makes a wide variety of attractive shades designed to fit our high quality antler chandeliers. Our shades are made from sheepskin and deer hide and we offer them in different shades, including that parchment-style finish with lacing reminiscent of the South West. Both materials are sturdy like leather, and they are easily tanned or treated to create a look that can match your real or reproduction antler chandeliers.

Create more ambient lighting for your home, business, or office with our antler chandelier shades and achieve that rustic appeal.  Antler Lighting Warehouse offers maintenance-free rawhide shades. No need to condition or oil them because they maintain their shape, color, and quality for many years!

All shades by Antler Lighting Warehouse have a one year warranty to ensure against cracking. Our shades won't crack or peel as long as you use a 40-watt bulb or lower. Our shades are designed to fit our real and reproduction antler chandeliers. You can easily place them over the light bulbs of your antler chandeliers and they will stay in place unless you remove them. Our shades reduce the intensity of light from the light bulb to tone down glare and brightness, so you create a more rustic ambiance in your room while ensuring illumination that is just right.

Order your rawhide or parchment antler chandelier shades here at Antler Lighting Warehouse. Call us today or order by fax, email, or traditional mail. Go to our Contact/Order section if you want to learn more about our shades and antler chandeliers.